From the Director's Desk

"When the road you are budging seems all uphill, where care is pressing you down a bit, rest if you must, but do not quit. There are miles to go and promises to keep before you sleep. "

To develop in students a lifelong love of learning, responsible citizenship, and personal Integrity, we are a community based on trust, mutual respect and compassion. We hold all members of the community accountable for upholding the values.


The school is committed to mastery of learning skills, development of intellectual curiosity, excellence and creativity in all disciplines and enthusiastic participation in athletics and other school activities. We encourage our students to develop clarity of thought, confidence and facility in expressing ideas, and artistic and aesthetic sensitivity. We expect all members of the community, in and out of the classroom, to subject their views and actions to critical examination and to accept responsibility for them. We hope that our Angelites will leave the school with a commitment to service to others and to environmental stewardship, and with a greater understanding of themselves and of their responsibilities in a global society.

I conclude with a very inspiring quote given by our former president and renowned scientist DR. APJ Abdul Kalam.

“Dream, Dream, Dream, Dream transform into thoughts and thoughts results in action. “


Ms. Amanpreet Kaur Dhillon